Leadership Development Program Summer Intern
Summer intern on the Data Strategy team, working on projects to enhance the personalized experience for users across all A&F brands with the help of tools such as Snowflake, Adobe Analytics, and Power BI.
Conference Presenter
Presented at the PAA 2022 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Session was titled ‘Machine Learning Applications to Population Processes’, and the presentation was titled ‘Computer Vision and Applications in Social Science Research: Deriving Race and Gender from Photos’, a work co-authored with Erick Axxe and Peter Eungang Choi.
LUMA Galleries Volume 1 Audio Engineer
Created the music mix for the first volume of LUMA galleries. The instrumental recording was mixed together with samples of interviews with the muses to enhance the gallery storytelling experience.
openVA Research Team Member
Began working with the openVA team under Sam Clark, developing and researching tools for Verbal Autopsy in the field of demography.
DCiFR PyPi Package
Uploaded DCiFR to PyPi, a Python repository which allows users to easily download and use open source packages.
Data Analytics Academic Path Peer
Path peer mentor for the 2021-2022 academic school year for Ohio State’s Data Analytics program.
‘look how i like’ audio
Video and spoken word created by Sophie Paquette
Official Data Analytics Mentee
Ohio State EPortfolio Link
The Questionning - Short Film
Directed and Written by Phoebe Rensink