Melina Raglin

Melina Raglin

Data Analyst


Ohio State University


Data Analyst at Chartmetric. Recent graduate and Eminence Fellow of The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Data Analytics, minor in sociology, and specialization in data visualization. Passionate about the power of data and the intersection of the music and technology industries.

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  • Music Analytics
  • Personalization and Data Strategy
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence
  • B.S. of Arts and Sciences, Data Analytics Major, Magna Cum Laude with Honors Distinction, 2023

    The Ohio State University University

  • Honors High School Diploma, 2019

    Bloomington High School North


Statistical Analysis
Version Control


Data Analyst
Oct 2023 – Present New York, New York
  • Responsible for pulling high-impact data on a daily basis for internal teams including marketing, product, and more, helping to create new data-driven product features, enrich articles through data storytelling, and advance business development.
  • Fulfills client requests on a weekly basis, including building streamlined and automated dashboards, addressing research questions through data exploration, and evaluating new external data sources.
  • Main analyst for the Chartmetric Year in Music Report, pulling hundreds of queries and managing pipelines to ensure high data quality across all elements of the report.

Tools used:

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Snowflake / RDS
  • Hex
  • Looker
Data Consultant
IGS Energy
Mar 2023 – May 2023 Columbus, Ohio
  • Produced valuable predictive insights for IGS Energy Home Warranty Claims.
  • Built a predictive statistical model from raw data using Python, and presented relevant findings and suggestions to business stakeholders.

Tools used:

  • R
  • RStudio
  • Canva
Data Consultant
The Ohio State University Office of Advancement
Jan 2023 – Mar 2023 Columbus, Ohio
  • Presented valuable customer segment insights to The Ohio State University’s Office of Advancement.
  • Produced robust statistical insights and business strategies from raw data in R.

Tools used:

  • Python
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Canva
Leadership Development Program Intern
Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
Jun 2022 – Aug 2022 New Albany, Ohio

Internship experiences:

  • Worked on the data strategy team on personalization projects, using insights collection on customer data with Snowflake to develop strategies and hypotheses for A/B testing to implement new features and experiences for users across all channels (email, app, push, browser).
  • Optimized web analytics tag management database architecture, improving the method of storing neccessary metadata on tag data from hundreds of sources, including Google Analytics.
  • Completed both a final personal project and cross-functional case competition, presenting to a panel of judges of various levels across the company, utilizing both techincal and personal presentation skills.

Tools used:

  • SQL
  • Snowflake
  • Adobe Analytics
  • PowerBI
  • Google Analytics
  • Excel
Assistant Coach
Bloomington High School North Girls Varsity Swim Team
Oct 2020 – Mar 2021 Bloomington, Indiana
Helped coach a team of over 30 high school girls on the varsity swim team at 4-8 practices a week. Led swimmers through various types of 2+ hour workout sets and attended swim meets, providing mental and emotional support to female athletes throughout their swimming and high school careers.
Software Development Intern
May 2020 – Dec 2020 Bloomington, Indiana

Internship Experiences:

  • Wrote 3D visualization and animation tutorials in Python for new users of FURY, an international open-source scientific visualization project
  • Implemented new shapes and functions to expand the FURY library using 3-dimensional calculus and linear algebra concepts with the help of Python packages such as NumPy and VTK9
  • Used Git/GitHub heavily for making and editing pull requests

Tools used:

  • Python (vtk9, numpy, pandas)
  • Git/GitHub
Research Assistant
The Ohio State University Sociology Department
Jan 2020 – Apr 2023 Columbus, Ohio

Spring 2022 Experiences:

  • Presented facial recognition research and DCiFR GUI software at the Population Association of America 2022 conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The presentation was entitled “Computer Vision and Applications in Social Science: Deriving Race and Gender From Photos” in the “Machine Learning Applications to Population Processes” session.
  • Joined the openVA research group under Professor Sam Clark to begin working on projects related to demographic data, including building a relational database management system in SQLite for population data

Spring 2021 Experiences:

  • Became confident in Python software development skills and researched PyQt packages to build a GUI connected to deep-learning facial analysis models
  • First author of DCiFR project, creating and refining features including single image mode and batch mode, check box selection of multiple attributes, output and error messages for the deep learning model analysis, and formatted CSV results.

Spring 2020 Experiences:

  • Mastered web-scraping with Python and was able to experience the full process of data analysis, from collection and organization to statistical regression analysis
  • Learned about facial recognition software, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing
  • Became interested in the social applications of data analytics practices, influencing me to pick up a minor in sociology

Tools used:

  • Python (pandas, numpy, pytorch, deepface, fairface)
  • R